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Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery Residents at UPMC Hamot

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Class of 2018

Mark Strand, DO - PGY 4.jpg Mark Strand, DO, MS
University of Pikeville – Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I chose UPMC Hamot for my residency over many other programs I rotated with because of a variety of reasons. I remember vividly while spending time here as a medical student how exceptional the otolaryngology residents were. I rotated at a lot of different programs and the residents here were absolutely spectacular. They had just the appropriate level of independence and autonomy, were highly functional both clinically and surgically, and camaraderie among residents and attendings was outstanding. Therefore, I chose UPMC Hamot.

“After spending 5 years here, I am thankful I chose this program. All those things that I witnessed as a medical student were, in fact, true. In addition, the surgical volume is superb with a full spectrum of otolaryngology including otology, head and neck, endocrine, plastics, facial trauma and rhinology. The attending physicians are approachable, provide appropriate level of autonomy, and always willing to teach or help out. Also, with a variety of faculty, I was able to learn to do a variety of things multiples ways which has helped me prepare myself for practice after residency.

“As an aspiring medical student, I think the most important thing you should ask yourself when choosing a residency program is, ‘Will I be adequately trained at this program and will I be happy while doing it?’ After completing my residency here, I can proudly say, ‘YES, I am adequately trained and am still happy.’ I feel UPMC Hamot has prepared me to be an excellent otolaryngologist who is well-trained, practical, and takes quality care of my patients. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Erie both while working and in my free time. I feel well-prepared and appreciate everything this program has taught me.”

Class of 2019

Shane Griffith, DO - PGY 3.jpg Shane Griffith, DO, MS
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

"I am very happy to be a resident at UPMC Hamot. While Erie may seem like a small town, our residency covers all the hospitals and addresses 100 percent of the otolaryngologic care here. We have an incredible surgical caseload and typically meet all of our key indicator requirements prior to even starting our PGY5 year. The hands-on general otolaryngology training here couldn’t be stronger."