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Nursing at UPMC Hamot

Magnet Recognition Program® 

At UPMC Hamot, we offer nurses many ways to advance their careers and make an impact on patients.

UPMC Hamot nurses are compassionate and highly skilled healthcare professionals. They are eager to grow professionally and are valued members of the interprofessional healthcare team. UPMC Hamot fosters a culture of excellence by empowering nurses to enhance patient care through evidence-based practice and research.

Pairing their educational achievements, knowledge, and clinical expertise, our nurses demonstrate a profound commitment to helping the community and colleagues reach their potential. The combination of compassion, dedication, and innovation makes UPMC Hamot one of the 8% of hospitals nationwide a Magnet designation.

As a Magnet® hospital, the driving forces behind UPMC Hamot are:

  • Advancing the hospital's patient-centered mission “To Serve” through diverse, cultural care
  • Modeling professional standards through exemplary nursing practice
  • Administering quality care as evidenced by superior empirical outcomes
  • Conducting nursing research and incorporating evidence-based practice at the bedside 

A Message from Jim Donnelly, MBA, BSN, RN
Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President, Patient Care Services
UPMC Hamot

Jim Donnelly

"The mission for nursing at UPMC Hamot is “To Serve” our patients at the highest national standards. Our nurses balance the principles of safety, service and stewardship and foster nursing excellence through education, research, and best practice. The patient and their experience is the central focus of our care. Our nurses set the standards for nursing care while providing individualized care to each patient and family.

At UPMC Hamot, our nurses provide excellent patient care in a collaborative and innovative practice environment. We empower nurses to drive change in patient care and their work environment.

Nurses play a vital role in advancing health care through education and research. Our leadership team ensures staff has the support, knowledge, and skills to deliver quality care in a rapidly changing and technologically advanced environment.

Our Nursing Education and Research staff leads new nurses through a year-long Nurse Residency Program. We urge experienced nurses to advance through the My Nursing Career (MNC) Development Program. MNC rewards and salutes nurses for their contributions and professional growth.

Our Shared Leadership structure is very strong with five focused councils including

  • Practice Environment Council
  • Practice Accountability Council
  • Nursing Education and Research Council
  • Nursing Informatics Council
  • Nursing Patient Safety and Quality Council

We offer nurses the opportunity to participate in shared decision-making and encourage them to drive their practice and embrace autonomy. Professional practice flourishes through collaboration with interdisciplinary team members.

Working at UPMC Hamot can be one of the most fulfilling and  rewarding career decisions you will ever make.

Join us for the chance to work with cutting-edge technology, advanced therapies, phenomenal peers, and grateful patients!”

» Visit UPMC Careers to learn more about nursing jobs and apply.

UPMC Hamot Nurses Give Back

Community citizenship is a priority at UPMC Hamot and our nurses have proudly led over 100 community service initiatives across the region.

A few highlights include:

  • Amanda Greenough, MSN, RN, TCRN: Spearheads the Stop the Bleed program that has reached over 8,000 people from Erie and Crawford Counties. This team of nurse and staff volunteers provide hands-on and didactic training to empower laypeople to assist in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.
  • Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation: UPMC Hamot nurses and staff provide on-site training and job opportunities for young adults living in Erie’s inner city.
  • UPMC Hamot Orthopedic Mission: An interdisciplinary team comprised of nurses, physicians, physical therapists and PT assistants traveled to Mexico to perform over 25 surgeries and numerous procedures.
  • Erie Night to Shine: Nurse members of the Professional Accountability Council partner with several organizations in support of the Erie Night to Shine. UPMC Hamot nurses serve as a “buddy” to teens with special needs during a prom-themed party sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.
  • Marci Bradley, MSN, RN: Spearheads the Nurse Leader Residency Program and Africa Center for Healthcare Leadership.

Awards and Recognitions at UPMC Hamot

UPMC Hamot is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare, staffed with nurses that are highly driven and committed to cutting edge care.

A few highlights include:

  • Daisy Award: UPMC Hamot demonstrates its appreciation for the unique and extraordinary contributions of nurses by partnering with the Daisy Foundation. Nurses are nominated and selected by nurses from the Practice Environment Council to receive this nationally recognized award for inspiring acts of service. Our thriving partnership this organization has led to UPMC Hamot being the first organization to award the Daisy Lifetime Achievement Award celebrating nurses with 25+ years of service and passion dedicated to the profession of nursing.
  • Cameos of Caring: Over 30 nurses from UPMC Hamot have been recipients of this award sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh that honors advocacy for patients, leadership, professionalism, and proactive clinical decision making.
  • 25+ Club: The Practice Environment Council celebrates nurses who have dedicated 25 years of service to the nursing profession. UPMC Hamot celebrates the expertise and commitment of our most experienced nurses.
  • Emergency Nurses Association Lantern Award: UPMC Hamot is home to the busiest Emergency Department (ED) in the entire UPMC system with over 70,000 visits annually. UPMC Hamot was 1 of 25 hospitals to receive this international award for excellence in emergency nursing through innovative practice, advocacy, leadership, education, and research. This is the second time UPMC Hamot’s ED has earned this prestigious award, another first for the UPMC system!

Shared Leadership Councils at UPMC Hamot

UPMC Hamot’s shared leadership structure empowers nurses to be an engaged member of the healthcare team that drives improvements impacting clinical outcomes, the patient experience, and practice environment (PDF). Our shared leadership structure is a way to strengthen nursing practices represented by our Professional Practice Model (PPM) (PDF). UPMC Hamot’s PPM incorporates elements from our region’s rich nautical history, incorporating transformational nursing leadership, an ever-changing healthcare environment, and the newest generation of nurses who are eager to initiate evidence-based change.

Professional Development Opportunities at UPMC Hamot

  • My Nursing Career: Serves as a career ladder that provides clear direction for nurses to achieve their professional goals. This tool measures the value of experience, specialty certifications, advanced degrees, and evidenced-based and quality improvement projects aimed to improve patient care. Nursing Career Pathways Diagram (PDF).
  • Tuition Assistance and our Margaret Eckerd Brown Fund: Provides financial support to staff pursuing higher education and professional development. Tuition Assistance Request Form (PDF).
  • Nurse Leader Residency/Fellowship Program: A 3-month immersive program offered to UPMC Hamot nurses seeking opportunities in leadership.
  • Research Residency Program: Over 20 research projects have been completed and presented by UPMC Hamot nurses fostering a culture of new knowledge and innovation and quality improvement.

UPMC Hamot Nursing by the Numbers

  • Over 900 nurses are employed at UPMC Hamot.
  • Since 2016, UPMC Hamot has been designated a Magnet® status.
  • More than 70% of Hamot nurses have their BSN or greater.
  • More than 60% of Hamot nurses who are eligible have certifications in their specialty.