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​UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program

The UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program has been in establishment for over 55 years, preparing and educating radiographers for a rewarding career. We prepare graduates to enter the workforce as leaders and advocates for quality patient care. Our program is a continuous, 23-month certificate course of study. The UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program has been awarded with a eight-year accreditation from the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).

Mission Statement

The mission of the UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program is to graduate competent Radiologic Technologists who will deliver quality and compassionate health care with dignity and respect

Read effectiveness data for the UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program or visit the JRCERT website.

Program Goals and Outcomes

Radiographic skills

Students will be clinically competent in entry-level radiographic skills. Outcomes include:

  • Students will produce quality radiographic images.
  • Students will provide quality patient care.
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate radiation protection for self, patients and personnel.

Written and oral communication

Students will demonstrate written and oral communication effectively. Outcomes include:

  • Students will provide communication with all age appropriate groups.
  • Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills in the classroom and clinical setting. Outcomes include:

  • Students will adapt routine examinations to accommodate patient’s needs.
  • Students will evaluate radiographic images for quality positioning.


Students will exhibit professionalism and realize the value of life-long learning. Outcomes include:

  • Students will demonstrate professional behavior in the clinical setting.
  • Students will know the importance of continued professional development to include lifelong learning.

Affiliated Institutions

Bachelor degree option

PennWest University students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Sciences (BSMIS) have an academic preparation of two years at the university and continue with the 23-month course of study at UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program.

Certificate option

Applicants must have a minimum Associate Degree in health care related field to apply.

Radiologic Technology Program

Learn more about the Radiologic Technology Program at UPMC Northwest.

View the Program Brochure (PDF)

Program Effectiveness Data

Read effectiveness data for the UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program.

View the Effectiveness Data (PDF)
Revised: 12/2021