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Affect Among Teenagers - The Role of Sleep

Peter Franzen PhD, is director of the Sleep and Behavioral Neuroscience Center and associate professor of psychiatry and clinical and translational science at the University of Pittsburgh. This podcast discusses teenagers’ shortened sleep patterns during critical high school years, when they must attend school at early times. These sleep changes affect teenagers’ reactivity, emotion, stress, pleasure (anhedonia), cognition, and substance use. In addition to sleep research findings, this podcast also discusses controversial school-based interventions to prevent negative outcomes.

Released: 3/11/20

References: Owens JA, American Academy of Pediatrics Position Statement : School Start Times for Adolescents, Pediatrics 134: #3, 2014, pp. 842-50


McMakin DL, Dahl RE, Buysse DJ, Cousins JC, Forbes EE, Silk JS, Siegel GJ, Franzen PL, The Impact of Experimental Sleep Restriction On Affective Functioning in Social and Nonsocial Contexts Among Adolescents: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 57:9 (2016) pp 1027-1037