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Psychiatric, psychological, nursing, and rehabilitative professionals will enjoy this podcast from UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital, a national leader in the innovative treatment of mental health and addictive disorders.

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Loren Roth, MD, MPH, is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry. He continues to actively teach and work at UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital. He is also the former Chief Medical Officer of UPMC, as well as the previous associate senior vice chancellor for Clinical Policy and Planning, Health Sciences, at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Bipolar Spectrum Disorder in Children and Adolescents

Description: Boris Birmaher MD. is Endowed Chair- Early Onset Bipolar Disease/Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This Podcast addresses two research questions: 1) Who among Children and Adolescents are at Risk to develop Bipolar Spectrum Disorder: 2) among patients who develop this disorder who is at risk for recurrence? This is a controlled prospective twenty year duration research study of children at higher risk because at least one of their parents has this disorder.

Released: 6/10/20

References: Hafeman DM, Merranko J, Birmaher D Toward the Definition of a Bipolar Prodrome: Dimensional Predictors of Bipolar Spectrum Disorders in At-Risk Youths. Am J Psychiatry 2016 Jul 1;173(7):695-704.

Goldstein BJ, Birmaher B, Youngstrom EA. Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges in Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents Special Reports, Bipolar Disorder, Child Adolescent Psychiatry.

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