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Intensive Mental Health Outpatient Treatment in Perinatal Women

Maintaining the mental health of perinatal women is of great importance personally and for all of use. In this episode, we speak with Eydie Moses-Kolko, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and expert in women’s health and perinatal psychiatry. The rationale and approach of partial outpatient intensive treatment for such women is reviewed along with other integrated treatment approaches. Also discussed are core principles of collaboration in program planning.

Released: 9/11/19


  1. McEvoy K, Osborne LM, Moses-Kolko EL. Implementation of Perinatal Collaborative Care Models. Paper presented as part of symposium “Perinatal collaborative care models – Learning from the past, planning for the future.” Perinatal Mental Health Conference, Chicago, IL, November 9, 2017. (Available from Loren Roth MD- Room 604 UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213.)
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