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Social Determinants of Racial Disparities in Alcohol problems prior to and during Covid 19

Sarah L. Pederson PhD is Associate Professor of Psychiatry. She is a national authority on alcohol use and its more serious social/psychological problems. Her research work is remarkable for its multi-causal personal assessments, racial and otherwise, e.g. measurements of impulsivity and other personal characteristics associated with drinking both in the laboratory and in vivo in the community. This Podcast also considers the effects of Covid-19, pre and now, upon drinking.

Released: 4/14/21


Pederson SL, King, KM, Louie, KA et. al: Momentary fluctuations in impulsivity domains: Association with a history of childhood, ADHD, heavy alcohol use and alcohol problems, Drug and Alcohol Dependence 205(2019) 107683

McKone KMP, Kennedy, TM, ----Pederson SL: In-the -moment drinking characteristics: An Examination across ADHD history and race, Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 43(6) 2019, pgs. 1273-1283

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