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Resources for Healthy Senior Living

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Poor health need not be an inevitable consequence of aging. But what measures can people take to maintain optimum physical and mental health as they age?

The Aging Institute is exploring innovative ways to not only minimize the incidence of chronic disease and disability among older adults, but to maximize good health at every stage of aging.

It does so by bringing the expertise and insights of many professionals to bear on the subject — from geriatricians and social scientists to biomedical researchers and neurologists, and from physical therapists and pharmacists to epidemiologists and nurse practitioners.

The Aging Institute’s Work Group initiatives, seed grant research projects, and wide-based community partnerships focus on identifying best practices for healthy aging, and supporting older adults and their caregivers in that quest.

These efforts include research on fall prevention, exercise, bone health, and brain health, as well as the support of preventive health measures such as flu shots and osteoporosis screenings.