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Body Liposuction - Tumescent Technique

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Diet and exercise are the best ways to control and shed excess fat but for fatty deposits that won’t go away with lifestyle changes, liposuction surgery is an available alternative.

At the UPMC Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center, we use the tumescent technique of liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction surgery, the tumescent technique uses local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, and can be done in our office instead of in a hospital.

With this technique, anesthetic and other medications are injected into the area of excess fat, causing it to swell and become firm. A tube connected to a vacuum-like machine is then inserted through a small incision, and the fatty deposits are gently extracted.

Although every patient’s experience is different, the tumescent technique generally causes less pain and bleeding than traditional liposuction, and has a quicker recovery period.

The UPMC Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center staff can discuss the details as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the tumescent technique with you.