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Scar Revisions

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A scar cannot be erased completely but a scar revision can provide a better cosmetic result or improve the look of a scar that has poorly healed. Your results will depend upon the scar's severity, location and size, and multiple techniques may be used to achieve the best results.

Raised or keloid scars can be unsightly, painful or itchy. These types of scars respond very well to a series of injections that use steroids and other materials. Results can sometimes be seen after only two injections.

Depending on the appearance of the scars, these injections also can be combined with pulsed dye laser (PDL) treatments to further improve the scar texture and color.

Older, white scars respond well to Pearl Fractional laser treatments. Pearl Fractional usually is performed at three month intervals for a total of two to three sessions. With each laser treatment, the scar begins to break up and blend in with the surrounding skin.

Scar prevention or minimization is a new concept. Many times, we recommend new surgical incisions to be treated with PDL treatments starting at the time of suture removal. These laser treatments allow the surgical incision to heal smoothly and blend in with the surrounding skin.

PDL can be repeated monthly until the scar reaches maximum improvement.