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Apogee® Elite Laser

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Used to remove unwanted hair, the Apogee Elite system is an alexandrite laser for use on all skin colors and types, but preferably light to olive skin.

How it Works

The Apogee laser:

  • Uses heat to destroy hair follicles.
  • Prevents hair growth in the targeted area.
  • Affects only active or growing hair follicles, so you will need repeat treatments to eliminate new hair growth.

To ensure the appropriate laser for your skin type is selected, a consultation and laser test spots are required. Laser hair removal is recommended for patients ages 16 and older.

Benefits of Apogee Laser Hair Removal Treatments

  • Hair removal treatments are fast and relatively painless, and leave no damage to surrounding skin.
  • Because of the alexandrite laser’s larger spot size and high repetition rate, large areas of skin can be treated more quickly than with other lasers.
  • The Apogee Elite system uses a double cooling technique to keep you comfortable.

Side Effects

Sensitive skin may become pink or red in the treatment area, but this typically only lasts up to one day.