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Clear + Brilliant® Laser

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The Clear + Brilliant laser is a two-laser system that can refresh dull skin, improve sun damage, and discoloration, while being gentle enough for all skin types. The “Original” hand-piece can be used to treat skin problems such as deeper wrinkles, while the “Permea” hand-piece can address more superficial issues, such as discoloration or uneven tone. The most common treatment areas include the face, neck, and chest.

Who Is A Candidate?

Candidates for the Clear + Brilliant laser include:

  • Patients who are looking to prevent early signs of aging or sun-damaged skin
  • Patients who want to improve tone, texture, and pore size
  • Patients of all ethnicities
  • Patients who want to help prolong results of other procedures they’ve had, such as the Blue Peel, Core Laser, or Ultherapy

How it Works?

Clear + Brilliant is a minimally invasive laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out. The laser energy creates thousands of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, replacing damaged cells for healthy, younger-looking skin.

What to Expect

Patient will arrive 30-40 minutes prior to appointment time to have numbing cream applied to treatment area. The provider will chose either the Original or Permea hand-piece, based on your needs. Treatment takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on areas being treated. Immediately following treatment you will experience redness and a sunburn feel to skin. You may return to work if you don’t mind being pink for a few hours. A bronzing effect (tan look) may occur 24 hours after treatment. Skin will become rough to the touch for up to one week post procedure on the face and two weeks on the neck and chest. The treated skin will gently slough off, revealing healthier skin in its place. Patients can wear makeup after procedure.

Treatments are repeated every 4-6 weeks for anywhere from two to six treatments. Once the desired response is achieved, maintenance treatments can be performed once every six months.​