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Ostomy Care at UPMC Wound Healing Services

When a part of your intestine doesn't work correctly, you may need a stoma. This can be a life-saving surgery for some people.

During colostomy surgery, a surgeon:

  • Makes an opening in your belly (stoma).
  • Brings the longest part of your intestine (the colon) to the surface of your skin.
  • Connects your colon to the stoma, giving waste a new way to leave the body. It now leaves through your stoma instead of your anus.

Since there's no muscle around the stoma, you can't control when stool or gas leaves your body. Your waste will automatically go from the stoma into the colostomy pouch (bag) around the stoma.

The discreet bag — which you can't see through clothes — will block the smell of waste.

How We Can Help Care for Your Ostomy

Our ostomy and wound care experts:

  • Offer support before and after surgery.
  • Teach you how to clean and care for your ostomy.
  • Make sure you find the right bags, skincare products, and other supplies.
  • Help you adjust to this new way of life.

Where You Can Find Ostomy Care

The following UPMC Wound Healing Services locations offer ostomy care: