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Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentation is done through fillers, fat, or implants. The procedure is most commonly performed to give patients fuller, plumper lips, and to reduce fine wrinkles around the mouth.

During the Procedure

In most instances, a local anesthetic will be administered. During the procedure, a natural or synthetic biocompatible material is injected or implanted in the patient’s lips. Sometimes the patient’s own fat, taken from another part of the body, will be injected into the lips with the same desired results.

Short-term Recovery

Patients who receive injections can usually return to their normal activities immediately but patients who receive implants may require a day or two to recover. The results from the injections are temporary and the procedure must be periodically repeated in order to keep the desired results.


Risks can include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Lip asymmetry
  • Infection
  • Rejection of the implant material

Not every person is a candidate for this procedure, and your risks may be greater or different than those of other patients. Your plastic surgeon will review all potential risks and complications with you prior to the procedure.