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For UPMC Rehabilitation Institute Patients

If you've suffered a brain or spine injury, stroke, or other complex injury, we're here for you.

At the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute, inpatient and transitional rehab can help you regain function and get your life back. We tailor our care to meet each person's unique needs.

Our team of rehab experts will help you:

  • Learn new ways of doing daily tasks.
  • Heal after an injury.
  • Restore function.
  • Regain independence.

To learn more about inpatient rehab, contact the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.

Inpatient Care at the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

Our inpatient services include:

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy.
  • Nutrition services.
  • Mental health care.
  • Orthotic and prosthetic services.

What to Expect During Your Inpatient Rehab Stay

If you and your doctor decide that inpatient rehab can help, here's what to expect during your stay with us.

A team focused on your recovery

Being in a rehab unit is very different from a stay in other hospital patient units.

Your treatment team of doctors, nurses, and other experts will work with you and your loved ones to:

  • Set rehab goals.
  • Customize a treatment plan for you.
  • Assess your readiness to move to the next step in the rehab process.

A goal of getting you backto day-to-day life

Inpatient and transitional rehab's main focus is to help you regain your independence and prepare you to return to day-to-day life.

Your team will work with you daily to find solutions to help you manage your health care beyond rehab.

A Typical Day at Inpatient Rehabilitation

Your doctor will usually visit you once a day, most often in the morning.

The day will start early with your team helping you practice daily self-care skills.

You will:

  • Wear your own clothing during rehab sessions.
  • Be out of your room much of the day, actively taking part in rehab.
  • Attend therapy sessions for at least three hours on most days. Your exact schedule depends on your individual treatment plan.
  • Eat your meals either in the dining room or your room.

Based on your goals, rehab may include:

  • Improving strength in the therapy gym.
  • Playing a game to improve coordination and thinking skills.
  • Going outside to walk or use your wheelchair.

In the evening, your team will work with you on getting ready for bed. They'll also help you practice the skills you've learned in therapy.

Visitors and visiting hours

Your family members and friends also are a vital part of your rehab.

We welcome them to visit you at almost any time. They can watch or take part in therapy and learn how to help you after discharge.

Your treatment team may ask that you limit the number of visitors so you can focus on your goals.

Life After Inpatient or Transitional Rehab

The goal of rehab is to help you become as independent as possible.

Your team will work with you and your family on what goals you need to reach to move beyond inpatient rehab safely.

Together, we'll arrange continued rehab at:

  • Your home.
  • An outpatient rehab center.
  • Another setting that's right for you.

Helpful Inpatient Rehab Resources and Contacts

Packing checklist

See our inpatient rehab checklist of what you should and shouldn't bring for your stay.

Family House

Family House provides convenient, affordable housing for patients and their families traveling to Pittsburgh for treatment of serious illnesses.

Insurance questions

The UPMC Rehabilitation Institute accepts many health insurance plans.

If you have any questions, call 1-877-287-3422.

Transitional rehabilitation

Transitional rehab and skilled nursing are for people leaving inpatient rehab who aren't quite ready to live independently.

Outpatient rehabilitation

Our outpatient services serve those who need rehab but don't need acute care or a skilled rehab center.

We offer:

Take a tour of our inpatient rehab units

To schedule a tour, call 1-877-287-3422.

UPMC inpatient rehab locations and directions

Find inpatient rehab at a UPMC Rehabilitation Institute near you.