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Partners of the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

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Offering a Continuum of Superior Rehabilitative Care

The UPMC Rehabilitation Institute and our partner organizations provide quality care by offering unique areas of service and expertise.

Some of our partnering organizations and groups include:

  • UPMC Rehabilitation Institute - Outpatient Rehabilitation
    One of the largest networks of community-based, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services in western Pennsylvania, experts include:
    • Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants
    • Occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants
    • Speech language pathologists
  • Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Provides world-renowned research and physician services for the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.
  • Center for Assistive Technology
    A joint program of UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh that provides products, services, and new innovations in the assistive technology field.
  • UPMC Stroke Institute
    Focuses on quality patient care through:
    • Multidisciplinary approach
    • Flourishing clinical research programs
    • Ongoing educational efforts for health professionals and the community
  • Academic Partners
    Provide the leading-edge research and resources that make the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute one of the most progressive organizations in the country.

Contact the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

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