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Stroke Rehabilitation Patient Stories

Steve: Ischemic Stroke Rehab

One Saturday, Steve went to a home improvement store. As he walked into the store, he heard car keys hit the ground. He looked down and realized they were his. He bent over to pick them up but couldn’t feel them in his left hand. He kept walking but his left side was giving out. Steve thought to himself, “This isn’t a good place to be. I think I’m having a stroke.”

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Gretchen: Stroke Inpatient Rehab

Gretchen prides herself on being fit, eating well, staying active, and being healthy. That's why she was surprised to notice pain at the base of her skull. Gretchen's doctor wasn't able to find a cause so she sent Gretchen home with pain medicine and the discomfort went away. Seven months later, she tried to tell her husband that she wasn’t feeling well, but he couldn’t understand anything she was saying. Kenny took her to the hospital, where doctors determined that Gretchen had suffered a stroke.

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Ken: Stroke Rehab

Ken was spending time with family at a camp in Elk County in November 2022, when a sudden stroke required him to be life-flighted to UPMC Presbyterian. The stroke left the 64-year-old paralyzed on his right side. He was unable to walk or use his right arm.

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Patricia: Ischemic Stroke Rehab

Patricia, 76, started her day out normally, although she did feel a bit more tired and weak than usual. That night, she decided to turn in around 9:30 p.m., unusually early for the night owl. Around 2 a.m., Patricia woke up to use the bathroom. She felt a bit wobbly walking down the hallway. It wasn’t until she went to grab the toilet paper that she realized something was wrong.

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Phyllis: Stroke Rehab

Phyllis, 77, was getting ready to head to work at the local grocery store when a sudden stroke left her paralyzed on her right side. After that, she couldn’t walk, use her right hand, or speak clearly.

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