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Podiatry Treatments at UPMC in Central Pa.

Our podiatrist offers advanced surgical and nonsurgical treatments and services to provide expert care for all types of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions in adults and children.

Why Choose UPMC in Central Pa. for Podiatry Care?

At UPMC in Central Pa., our foot and ankle specialist have the skills and expertise required to provide complete surgical and nonsurgical care for all your podiatric needs. Our podiatrist will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and expert treatment using the latest techniques and technology, including:


Our specialist will conduct a thorough exam and, if necessary, perform tests or take X-rays or other images to diagnose your condition. Your podiatrist may also use computerized or video gait analysis to take a closer look at how you move.

Nonsurgical Treatments

Treatment for foot, ankle and lower leg conditions depends on the specific cause, your symptoms, and the severity of your condition. Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend one or more nonsurgical treatments, including:

  • Footwear recommendations. Your podiatrist may recommend specific footwear to help prevent problems or improve symptoms.
  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy — which may involve stretching, strengthening and massage — may help to relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis, arthritis and other conditions.
  • Orthotics. Orthotics are customized foot supports that are designed to reduce pain and improve posture, gait and balance.
  • Casting or splinting. Casting or splinting may be used to treat fractures and other foot and ankle conditions.
  • Medications or injections. Medications may be used to treat conditions such as gout, warts, ulcers, fungus and wounds. In some cases, corticosteroid injections may be used to treat inflammation and pain.
  • Wound care and limb salvage. Our podiatrist provides expert wound care to assist in healing, as well as limb salvage and amputation prevention services.
  • Neurogenx. Neurogenx is a treatment that uses electronic signals to reduce nerve pain or discomfort caused by diabetic and peripheral neuropathy, restless leg syndrome (RLS), radiculopathy, fibromyalgia, neuritis, plantar fasciitis and other nerve-related conditions.
  • Tenex Ultrasound technology used to treat inflammation caused by tendonitis and other conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • Shock wave therapy. Shock wave therapy uses electromagnetic pulses to treat tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

Surgical Treatments

Our podiatrist provides expert surgical care, including:

  • HyProCure. HyProCure is a minimally invasive outpatient surgical procedure that places a small device in the spaces between your bones to realign and stabilize foot imbalances. The procedure is used to treat misaligned and flat feet, which can affect your entire body’s alignment.
  • Lapiplasty. The latest surgical treatment, offered at UPMC in central Pa., is Lapiplasty®, a 3D bunion correction targeting the source of the deformity. When the bone becomes unstable and leans sideways, this outpatient surgical option restores the anatomy to its natural position without cutting the bone. In doing so, it fixes the problem the right way the first time. With the latest, patented titanium technology, patients are finding a permanent solution with faster recovery and less pain. Most patients are able to walk within days of surgery without a cast and they can be back in sneakers in a couple months.
  • STAR total ankle replacement procedure. The STAR total ankle replacement procedure allows surgeons to avoid the use of bone cement to hold the replacement joint in place. Instead, the procedure uses a replacement joint with a bearing that moves, which helps to improve mobility and surgical outcomes when compared to ankle fusion surgery.
  • Wound care. Our surgeons perform expert skin grafting and flap closure procedures to treat foot, ankle and lower leg wounds.
  • Reconstructive surgery. Our surgeons perform advanced foot and ankle reconstruction procedures to treat injuries and health conditions including flatfoot, cavus foot, Charcot foot, flattening of arches (hyperpronation) and hammertoe.
  • Fracture treatment. If you fracture your foot or ankle and need surgery, our expert podiatric surgeons will provide expert treatment using the latest surgical techniques. We also provide complete post-surgical care, including casting, splinting and follow up.
  • Minimally invasive arthroscopy. Minimally invasive arthroscopy is a technique that can be used to treat foot and ankle problems through small surgical openings, instead of large incisions.

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