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Physician Services Patient Stories

Our team at UPMC Sports Medicine is dedicated to helping athletes and active people of all ages and skill levels. If you have an injury that requires operative or nonoperative orthopaedic care, our expert orthopaedic surgeons, primary care sports medicine physicians, and physiatrists can help.

Hear about the impact our physician services have on the lives of some of our patients. 

Anna’s Story: Returning to the Slopes After Shoulder Injury

While on a ski vacation with her family, Anna fell on the slopes and experienced a painful shoulder injury. Rotator cuff surgery and physical therapy helped get her back to what she loves.

Read Anna’s story.

Charlie’s Story: Getting Back to the Pitcher’s Mound After Elbow Surgery

After experiencing soreness and achiness in his right throwing elbow, Charlie and his family turned to the experts at UPMC Sports Medicine.

Read Charlie’s story.

David’s Story: Dual Rotator Cuff Recovery for Racquet Sports Businessman

When David's active lifestyle and career took a toll on his shoulders, it resulted in one of the most common injuries in players of racquet sports: he had pushed the rotator cuffs in both of his shoulders to a point of immense pain and weakness. David turned to UPMC Sports Medicine to repair them.

Read David’s story.

Kara’s Story: Fitness Instructor Experiences a Labral Tear

Kara was a collegiate swimmer, but when tendonitis in her right shoulder became increasingly painful with every stroke, it eventually ended her swimming career. Nearly 25 years later, Kara turned to UPMC Sports Medicine for an arthroscopic posterior labral repair.

Read Kara’s story.

Mia’s Story: History-Making Cross Country Runner Runs Pain-Free

When she started experiencing excruciating hip pain on her daily long runs, champion runner Mia needed to find relief. Finding a runner-focused physiatrist and treatment at UPMC Sports Medicine helped her get back to the top.

Read Mia’s story.

Wes’ Story: Record-Breaking Triple Jumper Leaps Past Injuries

When Wes experienced hip and knee pain during his collegiate triple jumping career, a teammate suggested he visit UPMC Sports Medicine and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Pittsburgh. Learn how they helped him leap to new lengths.

Read Wes’ story.