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Our Lung Transplant Experts

The following experts are members of UPMC's collaborative UPMC Lung Transplant Program.

Lung Transplant Program Physicians

  • Joseph Pilewski, MD
    Associate Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Clinical and Translational Science
    Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs, Pulmonary, Allergy, CCM Division
    Co-Director, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program
  • Chadi A. Hage, MD, ATSF
    Professor of Medicine
    Medical Director, UPMC Lung Transplant Program
    Medical Director, Lung Transplantation, Department of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine
  • Elizabeth Lendermon, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Associate Medical Director, Lung Transplantation
  • Bruce Johnson, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • John McDyer, MD
    Professor of Medicine
    Director, Lung Transplantation Translational Research Program
    Immune Transplant and Therapy Center of UPMC
  • Kaveh Moghbeli, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Keven Robinson, MD
    Associate Program Director for Scholarly Activities
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Mark Snyder, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Co-director, University of Pittsburgh Ex-vivo Research Center

Lung Transplant Program Surgeons

Transplant Coordinators

  • Jenna Keeling, RN, MSN, PCCN — Director of Heart-Lung Transplant
  • Rachael Begler Myers, RN, BSN
  • Taylor Christman, RN, BSN
  • Ayelet Feinberg, RN, MSN, CCTC
  • Ashley Fogle, RN, BSN, CCTC
  • Amanda Herk, RN, BSN
  • Andrea Kitchen, RN, BSN
  • Christgin Klavon, RN, BSN, CCTC
  • Audrey McGarrity, RN, BSN
  • Amanda Mennitto, RN, BSN
  • Katie Morrow, RN, BSN
  • Mary Mulkern, RN, BSN, CCTC
  • Julie Passodelis, RN, BSN, CCTC
  • Nancy Pepke, RN, BSN, CCTC
  • Meghan Witwer, RN, BSN, CCTC