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Lung Transplant Information and Process

What happens after you've been referred to UPMC's Lung Transplant Program in Pittsburgh? The lung transplant process starts with a patient information review and complete evaluation to find the right treatment option for you.

We outlined the lung transplant process and procedure for you below.

Refer A Patient

The UPMC Lung Transplant Program is one of the most recognized and experienced centers in the world, which evaluates many high-risk patients, including those needing re-transplantation. Be sure to refer your patients early for consideration for transplant.

If you need to refer a patient, complete the patient referral form and fax to 412-864-5913.

Lung Transplant Patient Information Review

After the UPMC lung transplant team receives your medical records and information listed on the transplant referral checklist:

  1. A transplant nurse coordinator will collect your medical history, radiology studies, recent blood work, and current physical findings.
  2. The lung transplant team will review the information to determine if a transplant evaluation is appropriate.
  3. If a transplant evaluation is appropriate, we will obtain insurance authorization and contact you to schedule the evaluation.

Lung Transplant Evaluation

The UPMC Lung Transplant Program works closely with the UPMC Comprehensive Lung Center to provide exceptional care and treatment for the entire spectrum of lung diseases. This includes comprehensive evaluations for transplantation.

Evaluations include diagnostic testing and consultations with:

These evaluations and tests can take up to five days to complete.

After the Evaluation: Selecting Transplant Candidates

A multidisciplinary team reviews each patient’s case at a selection meeting and makes decisions regarding approval of lung transplant candidates. We will notify you of our decision shortly after the evaluation.

For those patients who are either too sick or too well and are not approved for a lung transplant procedure, our transplant team can refer them to the UPMC Comprehensive Lung Center, where our expert lung specialists can provide medical therapy and additional lung disease treatment options.

Lung Transplantation: Resources for Patients and Family Members

Download these resources to learn more about the lung transplantation process, the medical team, and resources available to help patients and caregivers:

Contact Us

Contact the Cardiothoracic Transplantation Program by phone at 412-648-6202, toll free at 844-548-4591, or by e-mail at

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