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Delayed or Absent Ejaculation

To schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, contact the Men’s Health Center at 1-877-641-4636 (4MEN).

What is Delayed or Absent Ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is the inability of a man to achieve climax within a reasonable amount of time. As is true in premature ejaculation, that timeframe can vary and may have a different impact depending on partners. An estimated 4% of men may suffer from delayed ejaculation, and it may be a lifelong problem or related to a specific situation.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Delayed or Absent Ejaculation?

In many cases, a physical examination and medical history can lead to a diagnosis of delayed or absent ejaculation. But if an underlying problem is causing the condition, doctors may use further blood or urine tests or refer the patient to a specialist.

Delayed or Absent Ejaculation Treatments and Surgery

The Men’s Health Center provides a comprehensive medical, surgical, and psychological history review, as well as a thorough physical examination and coordination of psychological and neurological evaluation to put together appropriate treatment plans.