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Mark W. — Maintenance Carpenter
Mark W. — Maintenance Carpenter

Life Changing Is … Enjoying the Work We Do

Mark W. — Maintenance Carpenter

"I just like to help. I like making things easier on people."

Before beginning his career at UPMC Western Maryland, Mark already knew plenty about the hospital.

After all, he helped to build it.

Mark worked in the local carpenter's union before joining UPMC Western Maryland five years ago. That job gave him a behind-the-scenes look at the hospital during construction.

"I didn't come in blind," he says. "I knew where everything was. I knew how everything worked. It helped."

As a maintenance carpenter, Mark fulfills many different jobs at the hospital. His entire department — from technicians, to plumbers, to carpenters — works together to keep everything running smoothly.

Mark's day could include anything from repair work, to building something for one of the hospital's units, to projects that go beyond his job description — like fixing someone's flat tire.

"You name it, I've done it," he says.

"I like working here. It's like an adventure every day."

Mark especially likes building objects for the hospital's rehabilitation unit that get used during therapy. He even takes on side jobs, like building a customized tray for a patient who had limited use of one arm after a stroke.

"I go out of my way every day to help people," says Mark, who has won Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year awards for his hard work. "If I see somebody struggling with something, I'm going to stop and help them do what they need to do.

"I just like to help. I like making it easier for people."

Mark says he picked up his work ethic from his grandfather. He's passed it on to his own sons, who help him with side jobs when he's not at work.

Although much of his work happens behind the scenes, Mark does get to interact with patients and staff at the hospital. His morning routine entails checking with the various units and inpatient rooms to see if anyone needs help.

It's helped him grow close to the people at the hospital. While he never imagined he would work in health care, now he loves coming to work every day.

"I've never really had a bad day," he says. "I just like everybody being in a good mood."

At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means enjoying the work we do.

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