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Patient Advisory Council

Patient-Family Advisory Council

We value the input of our patients. Who better than our patients can advise us about what patients need for an optimal hospital experience? The Patient-Family Advisory Council is a group of dedicated employees, volunteers, and members of the community who meet monthly to review patient satisfaction scores, give feedback into new programming and to promote patient and family centered care. Currently we have an active patient advisory group at UPMC Hanover and more councils are being developed for our other area hospitals.


The purpose of the Patient-Family Advisory Council is to serve in an advisory capacity to assist in providing the highest level of patient centered care through partnerships among patients, family members, and health care professionals.


The Patient-Family Advisory Council will include equal numbers of staff and community representatives. At the end of their first year, members will have the option to rotate off of the committee or to remain on the committee for an additional year (or more, depending upon the waiting list for new individuals to serve). New members who express interest in joining the Council will be discussed and approved by the group, after which an invitation will be extended for them to join.

Community representatives will sign confidentiality statements obtained through the Volunteer Department.

Functions of the Council

  • The Council will have the following responsibilities:
    • Review patient satisfaction scores
    • Provide feedback about hospital projects or initiatives from a consumer point of view
    • Be apprised about new programming that will benefit patient care

Format of meetings

The Council will meet on a monthly basis in the E4 Surgical Conference Room. The chair of the Council will prepare the agenda and complete minutes which will be distributed.

If you are interested in learning more about this committee or becoming a member, please call UPMC Hanover at 717-316-6912.