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UPMC Graduate Medical Education Podcasts

GMEcast is an education resource for the entire GME community.  Each 15 to 20 minute podcast features GME experts discussing topics especially curated to support and bolster your training program. 

Each podcast is approved for 0.5  AMA PRA Category 1 Credit[s]™.

EHR Best Practices: Navigating the New "Open Notes"

Please join Drs. Kristian Feterik and Julie McCausland discuss  maximizing your impact in providing optimal patient care in the "Open Notes” era. Learn how real time accessibility of "Open Notes” can empower patients and families towards better health awareness with EHR best practices.

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Healthcare Disparities I: Community Engagement

Please join Ms. Susan Baida from the UPMC Center for Engagement and Inclusion as she speaks with Dr. Julie McCausland about UPMC's efforts to address the impact of the 2019 Pittsburgh disparities report. Current UPMC initiatives to counter these disparities and community resources for these efforts are shared while highlighting the intersecting narratives of healthcare, communities, and medical education and how they are united.

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Disclosing Medical Errors

Please join Dr. Greg Bump, DIO and Chaton Turner, JD, UPMC Senior Associate Counsel and Senior Director Disabilities Services for part 2 of a discussion on medical errors. Medical error disclosure can be stressful and frightening for physicians. This podcast describes the frequency of medical errors and provides guidance on how to talk about this sensitive topic with patients and families.

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Delivering Effective Feedback

Dr. Melinda Hamilton interviews Dr. Stephanie Dewar on the ever-important topic of delivering effective feedback.  This podcast defines effective and ineffective feedback as well as offers tips and tricks to make feedback delivery part of your daily teaching.

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Resident Well-Being - The Fundamentals

Our DIO,  Dr. Greg Bump discusses physician well-being with experts, Drs. Sansea Jacobsen and Vu Nguyen.  This podcast describes physician burnout, including how it can affect lives and how to recognize the signs and symptoms. 

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Join Dr Greg Bump, DIO, as he interviews Drs. Sansea Jacobsen and Vu Nguyen on the awesome and homegrown UPMC WELL Toolkit.  This excellent resource is for all GME faculty and trainees and includes the rationale behind the Toolkit, content areas, and how to tailor the WELL Toolkit to your GME program. 

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Healthcare Disparities II: Medical Education

Please join Drs. Julie McCausland and Tracey Conti for part II of our podcast on healthcare disparities. Dr. Conti speaks to the challenges in improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) at the individual program level in graduate medical education at UPMC. System and program level approaches are discussed, and efforts towards meaningful change in medical education are reflected upon. 

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The Practical Aspects of Error and Safety Event Reporting

Please join Dr. Greg Bump, DIO and Chaton Turner, JD, UPMC Senior Associate Counsel and Senior Director Disabilities Services, as they discuss the practical aspects of error and safety reporting. This podcast focuses on the frequency and types of medical errors as well as barriers to reporting medical errors. The speakers also discuss the process for error reporting at UPMC and what to expect after an error is reported.

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UPMC Patient Safety and QI efforts

QI experts Andrew Buchert, MD, and Dennis Phillips, MD, provide GME faculty and program directors with an overview of training and education in the QI process. They also discuss receiving and understanding data on quality metrics and engagement in quality improvement activities.

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Exploring the Holistic Review of Resident Applications

Please join Rickquel Tripp, MD, and Melinda Hamilton, MD, as they discuss Holistic Application Review Resources, and the impact of diversity, equitability, and inclusion in the UPMC recruitment process. Dr. Tripp discusses holistic review and strategies to increase the number of diverse applicants, as well as UPMC resources that can improve the experience of underrepresented minorities.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Anna Roman, vice president, UPMC Medical Education, and Heather Reading, director, UPMC Human Resources, discuss sexual harassment in the workplace. The discussion ranges from the definition of sexual harassment, how to report it, and UPMC’s available resources. This podcast highlights the importance of supporting a workforce that feels free to speak up and identify risk without retaliation.

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