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After Your Stay at UPMC Bedford

Find helpful resources you may need after you leave the hospital.

Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation

Not all patients can go home right away after a hospital stay.

If you need more care, UPMC offers:

Many patients continue their recovery with physical, occupational, or speech therapy – or a variety of other rehabilitation services through the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.

Learn more about:

Home Care and Medical Equipment

Scheduling Follow-Up Appointments

After you leave, your doctor may request that you have additional tests or exams as part of your ongoing medical care.

UPMC Bedford offers patients a convenient option to schedule many of their needs.

Before you leave the hospital, we can help you schedule follow-up appointments for:

  • Lab tests.
  • Medical imaging (x-rays, CT scans, MRIs).
  • EKGs.
  • Non-invasive cardiology (stress tests, echo-cardiology).
  • Preoperative testing.