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During Your Stay at UPMC Jameson

Manager Rounding Program

UPMC Jameson uses a manager rounding program to ensure the care you are receiving meets our high standards. During your stay, you may be visited by managers who represent different departments of the hospital. Managers and supervisors are always your advocates to help you navigate resources to enhance your experience.

It is our goal to provide each patient with an experience that is exceptional, with ongoing and meaningful communications. If for any reason you feel your experience could be improved during your stay, call our patient advocate by dialing 0 from your bedside phone. If you would like to speak to a patient advocate after your discharge, call 724-658-9001.

Patient Meals

A host or hostess will visit you in your room every day to take your meal orders for the next day. Based on your doctor’s orders, your nurse will determine if you are able to order from our standard menu or if you require a more customized diet.

View the UPMC Jameson Dining Menu (PDF).

Guest meals

Guest trays are available to your family and friends if they wish to dine with you in your room. Guests can place orders with the Nutritional Services Diet Office, located in the kitchen on the first floor near the cafeteria. Payment for the guest tray is due upon ordering.

Learn more about dining and snack options at UPMC Jameson.

Phone and TV Services

UPMC Jameson provides free phone and TV services in patient rooms. A bedside phone is available for local calls.

Cell phones and wireless

Please read and follow all posted signs in the hospital regarding restrictions on the use of cell phones, wireless computers, and other wireless devices that transmit radio signals. Restrictions may exist in hospital areas such as operating rooms, intensive care rooms, and radiology imaging rooms.

Do not use cell phones or any wireless devices within six feet of medical equipment in patient care areas.

Special Needs and Communication Assistance

UPMC Jameson ensures that health care is accessible to people with disabilities, including those with mobility disabilities, hearing loss, vision loss, speech impairments, and intellectual/cognitive disabilities.

Available resources include:
  • Accessible patient rooms and call bells
  • Amplified telephones and portable telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD)
  • Closed-captioned television
  • Magnifiers and low vision writing templates
  • Printed educational materials
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Sound signalers and personal amplifiers
  • Video remote interpreting (VRI) and video relay service (VRS)

Other services are available to enhance the patient experience and improve access. For more information, contact the Hospital Disability Champion at 724-656-4094 or learn more from the UPMC Disabilities Resource Center.


Visitors are welcome at UPMC Jameson during visiting hours and with patient consent.

View additional information for visitors at UPMC Jameson.

Patient Valuables

During your stay at UPMC Jameson, you are responsible for your clothing, money, dentures, glasses, or other personal valuables that you keep with you. UPMC Jameson will not be responsible for replacing lost, broken, or stolen property.

Spiritual Care

UPMC Jameson recognizes that spirituality plays an important part in the healing of many patients.

Learn more about the chapel at UPMC Jameson.

Infection Precautions

The most important step to prevent the spread of germs and infections is hand washing. Here are the recommended steps using soap and water:

  • Wet your hands and wrists with warm water.
  • Use soap to work up a good lather and rub hard for 15 seconds or longer.
  • Rinse your hands well, and then dry them.
  • Use a clean paper towel to turn off the water.

Our staff also has responsibility to prevent infections, and they may wear gloves, gowns, masks, or eye protection while caring for you.

Condition Help

Condition H is a patient safety hotline that UPMC Jameson patients and families can call:

  • In an emergency
  • When you can't get the attention of a hospital staff member
  • With a concern about a noticeable change in a patient’s medical condition that the health care team is not recognizing
  • About a communication breakdown in how the team is giving care or confusion over the care a patient needs

To activate Condition H, dial 111 from any phone at UPMC Jameson. Calling Condition H alerts staff members who respond immediately by coming to the patient’s room.

Condition H is non-punitive: staff members will not get in trouble if you call Condition Help.

More UPMC Patient Resources

Learn more about what to expect before your stay and after your stay at UPMC Jameson.

Find more information in UPMC’s main patient resources section to help you during your stay at UPMC Jameson.

  • Pain control: Your nurses and doctors will work with you to help alleviate or control your pain levels during your stay.
  • Organ donation: Learn more about becoming an organ or tissue donor.
  • Discharge planning: Your nurse will work with you and your family to plan your discharge from UPMC Jameson.
  • UPMC Patient Relations: You may have concerns during your stay at UPMC Jameson. You can contact the Patient Relations Department of UPMC Jameson at 724-656-4255.
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities: Please take a moment to review our system-wide Patient Rights and Responsibilities adopted to protect the interests and well-being of our patients.
  • During Your Stay at a UPMC Hospital: View resources on what to expect while staying at one of our facilities.

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