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Womancare Birth Center at Magee

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The Womancare Birth Center is designed to be a comfortable, intimate, family-centered environment where women can labor, deliver, and recover in one place, and family members can be close at hand to support mom and welcome their new arrival or arrivals.

You are encouraged to bring CDs and tapes and other items which remind you of home, so that during your time in the Birth Center you can be as comfortable as possible.

At your physician's discretion, the friends and family members you choose to be part of your birthing experience can do so in a spacious room that is supported by the expertise and technology of one of the nation's finest obstetrical facilities.

The entire Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Rooms (LDRs) staff, from midwives to nurses to patient care assistants, take a personalized approach to your care, making every effort to create the birthing experience you've envisioned.

Once situated in an LDR, you will not be asked to move again (during a typical birthing experience). Everything needed for a safe, comfortable labor experience — fetal monitoring, anesthesia equipment, and a bed that pulls apart for delivery — is already in the room, but integrated into the surroundings to preserve the comfort and intimacy of the environment.

As labor progresses, you can take advantage of some of the innovative birthing options available at the Womancare Birth Center, such as hydrotherapy and birthing balls. Pain relief options, should you choose to use them, are available through our 24-hour anesthesia services.

As you recover and are cared for, you and your baby can enjoy the first feeding, and your family members should experience no delay in meeting the newest addition.