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HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Clinic

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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an HIV prevention strategy.

It involves taking oral antiviral drugs daily to reduce one’s risk of acquiring HIV infection.

HIV Prevention Services at the PrEP Clinic

The HIV PrEP Clinic at the UPMC Center for Care of Infectious Diseases offers:

  • HIV risk assessments.
  • Testing for HIV, kidney function, and STDs.
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Medication adherence counseling.
  • HIV prevention advice.
  • Prescriptions of PrEP.
  • On-site pharmacist and social worker.
  • Follow-up care and monitoring.

Make an Appointment for HIV Risk Prevention

To learn more or make an appointment, contact the UPMC HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Clinic at 412-647-7228.