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Sports Medicine at the Department of Family Medicine

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Sports medicine is a special discipline of medicine that focuses on sports performance and injuries.

UPMC's family medicine doctors all have basic training in treating sports-related injuries in children and adults.

Our treatment teams can help you manage a number of conditions including:

Crutches and Splints

Crutches and splints are common treatments for sprains and similar injuries.

Crutches help keep weight off of one of your legs while you are healing. Splints stabilize injured limbs, joints, fingers, and toes.

Our family medicine health clinics can:

  • Fit you with crutches
  • Help you adjust crutches you have currently
  • Splint simple finger injuries in the office

If you have a sports medicine related question, feel free to call one of our offices to set an appointment with a member of our team.

Additional Resources: Sports Medicine

See our patient education resources or visit our Health Library for more information about sports medicine services and injuries.

Splints and slings

Sports-related injuries