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Prevention and Rehabilitation for Young Athletes

Young athletes are particularly prone to injury.

Why? Because they often play multiple sports at high levels of competition while their bodies are still maturing.

At UPMC Sports Medicine, our experts provide personalized care for young athletes in the areas of:

Our young athlete care team includes:

  • Orthopaedic surgeons
  • Sports medicine primary care doctors
  • Physical therapists

Common Youth Sports Injuries We Treat

UPMC's sports medicine experts use cutting-edge, science-based treatment methods to speed recovery and get you back to playing your sport.

Choose the sport or sports you play to learn more about common injuries and ways to prevent them.

Choose your sport Download the printable sheet
Baseball Baseball (PDF)
Biking Biking (PDF)
Cheerleading Cheerleading (PDF)
Flying Disc Flying disc (PDF)
Football Football (PDF)
Gymnastics Gymnastics (PDF)
Hockey Hockey (PDF)
Lacrosse Lacrosse (PDF)
Running Running (PDF)
Skateboarding Skateboarding (PDF)
Soccer Soccer (PDF)
Swimming Swimming (PDF)
Volleyball Volleyball (PDF)

Make An Appointment at UPMC Sports Medicine

To make an appointment or learn more about Prevention and Rehabilitation for Young Athletes, contact UPMC Sports Medicine at 1-855-937-7678.