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Video Library: UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program

From expert interviews to patient experiences, you can find it all in our concussion video library.

UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program experts discuss topics like:

  • What a concussion is.
  • The six types of concussion and the symptoms of each.
  • The importance of baseline testing.
  • Our personalized active treatment plans for athletes and active people of all ages.

Interested in hearing more from our patients? Read or watch their stories here.

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About Us and Concussion Basics

What is a concussion?

It's All in Your Head

Concussion Basics

Brain Injury Overview | Awareness Month

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms

Risk Factors

Who is at Risk?

Injury Overview 

Types of Concussion

Types and Triggers 

Anxiety and Mood Trajectory

Post-Trauma Migraine

Ocular Trajectory 

Vestibular Trajectory 

Cervical Trajectory

Testing and Diagnosis

What is Neurocognitive Assessment?

Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS)

Vestibular Assessment of Concussion Patient 

The Impact Tool 

Concussion Goggles

Management, Treatment, and Recovery

Concussion Treatment

Vestibular Physical Therapy 

When is someone recovered?

Full Concussion Journey of a Professional Athlete 

Active Treatment

Age and Concussion

Addressing Parents' Fears

Pediatric Concussions 

Concussions and Seniors