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ImPACT® Baseline Concussion Testing

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Baseline Concussion Testing Outreach Program

The UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program offers baseline concussion testing and programs year round throughout western Pennsylvania for:

  • Student-athletes
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Certified athletic trainers
  • Other health care professionals

UPMC Sports Medicine is a Certified ImPACT® (Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) and Pediatric ImPACT® Consultation testing center. This means we have the education, training, and experience that come with completing the credentialed ImPACT® and Pediatric ImPACT® consultant program.

About ImPACT® Baseline Concussion Testing

Developed by UPMC's concussion experts, the ImPACT® and Pediatric ImPACT® tools set a baseline for normal functioning brain activities.

They're the most effective tools for comparing a person's neurocognitive state before a concussion occurs.

The computer-based ImPACT® and Pediatric ImPACT® tests take about 25 minutes to complete.

They look at and record many aspects of an athlete’s neurocognitive state, such as:

  • Verbal and visual memory.
  • Brain processing speed.
  • Reaction time.

The ImPACTand Pediatric ImPACT® tests alone do not diagnose a concussion.

Experts use these tools:

  • To get baseline data when a player is in a non-concussed or “normal” state.
  • As part of a complete assessment process to manage head injuries more accurately.

UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program neuropsychologists advise baseline concussion testing for children:

  • Ages 12 and under — each year.
  • Ages 13 and older — every two years.

Post-concussion Neurocognitive Testing

When an athlete does suffer a concussion, post-injury neurocognitive testing and treatment is crucial.

Our concussion experts use the baseline data as part of the post-injury exam. They may also conduct other brain function tests to better manage each athlete's unique case.

If your child sustained a hit to the head before taking the ImPACT® test, we suggest seeking care from our concussion experts.

HeadsUP Pittsburgh

HeadsUP Pittsburgh is a partnership between UPMC Sports Medicine and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation to offer baseline concussion testing each summer, as well as educational programs, to athletes in every major sport, cheerleading, dance, and countless other physical activities.

Summer 2020 marks the tenth year of the HeadsUP Pittsburgh program. Since 2011, HeadsUP has baseline tested over 20,000 young people across 31 different sports and provided concussion education awareness to over 50,000 parents, coaches, referees, and teachers. The program has expanded each year to serve more youth across the region and include a wider spectrum of sports.

UPMC Sports Medicine is incredibly grateful for the continued support from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, as they not only fund the program but also provide increased exposure and education about the importance of proper concussion testing and treatment, especially in youth sports.

Questions about concussion testing? Call 1-855-937-7678 or visit the ImPACT® website to learn more.