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HeadsUP Pittsburgh | Baseline Concussion Testing Partnership

HeadsUP Pittsburgh: Baseline Concussion Testing Partnership

HeadsUP will return in 2022. Register for baseline testing.

HeadsUP Pittsburgh is a partnership between UPMC Sports Medicine and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. Together, we offer athletes discounted or free baseline concussion testing and educational programs each summer.

Since 2011, HeadsUP has:

  • Baseline tested over 25,000 young people across 31 sports.
  • Provided concussion awareness training to over 55,000 parents, coaches, referees, and teachers.
  • Grown each year to serve more youth and include a wider range of sports.

What Is Baseline Concussion Testing?

Baseline testing is an exam done by trained health care staff to assess an athlete's “normal" brain function at a healthy state.

The test measures such things as:

  • Concentration and attention span.
  • Learning and memory.
  • Reaction time.
  • Any concussion-like symptoms, such as headaches or trouble falling asleep.

HeadsUP Pittsburgh uses a computer-based test called ImPACT® (immediate post-concussion assessment and cognitive testing) to get the athlete's baseline score.

We give the test before a head injury occurs and use the data:

  • To compare in the instance of a future sustained concussion.
  • As part of a complete post-concussion assessment to plan the best course for recovery.

Concussion experts designed the ImPACT (ages 10+) and Pediatric ImPACT (ages 5-9) tests. They're the most effective tools for measuring a person's neurocognitive state before a concussion occurs.

The tests alone do not diagnose, detect, or prevent concussions. Experts use the data as a benchmark to decide if it's safe for an athlete to return to play after a concussion.

When and Where to Take Part in HeadsUP

HeadsUP Pittsburgh 2021 will take place Monday, June 7th through Thursday, July 29th at the following locations:

Can’t make it to HeadsUP this summer? View upcoming dates for year-round baseline concussion testing through the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program:

Thank You to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

UPMC Sports Medicine is extremely grateful for the continued support from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation in funding the HeadsUP program.

In addition to supporting several community programs like HeadsUP, the Pens Foundation provides increased exposure and education about how vital proper concussion testing and treatment is, especially in youth sports.

Concussion Resources


Contact the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program

To learn more about baseline concussion testing or to make an appointment with one of our concussion experts, call 412-432-3681.