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Concussion Management and Treatment

The experts at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program know the best way to care for a concussion. It's through a customized treatment plan based on each person's unique needs and goals.

We rethought concussions more than 20 years ago, and we're far beyond the age of dark rooms and rest.

While a short rest period is sometimes helpful, our research and exceptional patient outcomes show it takes more than that. An active treatment approach — one that forces the brain to readapt to stimuli — is key to making a full recovery.

We know there are six different types of concussions that account for more than 20 symptoms.

That's why we use a team approach to help your brain heal from injury. Our team has the expertise to get you back to your sport, classroom, or other daily pursuits as quickly and safely as possible.

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Management and Treatment Options at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program

Neuropsychologists lead the clinical exam by learning about your symptoms and any other issues that could impact recovery. Then, our whole team works together to design your treatment plan.

To help manage and treat your concussion, we:

  • May prescribe physical or exertional therapy, or use behavior management methods.
  • May refer you for a medication consult for chronic symptoms. Not all concussion cases require medicine, but it is useful in complex cases.
  • May order imaging scans to rule out any bleeding in the brain. Imaging can also give us insight as to why your symptoms may be getting worse.
  • Will reassess you often to promote successful rehab and recovery.

Types of Concussion Treatments

Our team works together to help you through the treatments that serve you best, including the following.

Why Choose UPMC Sports Medicine for Concussion Care?

The UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program:

  • Is the first and largest clinical and research program focused on diagnosing, assessing, and managing concussion.
  • Has a world-class concussion team that sees more than 20,000 patient visits each year.
  • Provides personal, cutting-edge, and complete care to help you recover from your injury and get back to life.

We know that concussion is a complex condition. But by diagnosing its specific type, we can design a tailored treatment and rehab plan so you see results and recover fully. 

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