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Lynn S., MSW — Social Worker
Lynn S., MSW — Social Worker

Life Changing Is … Knowing You’re Not Alone

Lynn S., MSW — Social Worker

“Each one of us is trying every day to leave something good behind.”

Lynn has a picture in her office with a quote that describes her mission as a social worker. It talks about the importance of making a positive impact every day, of using each day for good and not wasting it.

She says it inspires her to wake up every morning hoping to make a difference for someone.

“If I can try to help somebody else on their journey, and with their difficulty, give them hope, that’s what we try to do,” Lynn says. “And that’s not just me. Each one of us is trying every day to leave something good behind.”

Lynn has worked as a social worker at UPMC for almost 30 years in a variety of different roles. She currently works in an outpatient capacity, helping to connect people in need with community resources.

No two days are the same. One day, she may arrange transportation for people who need medical services. On another day, she may save the possession of a person about to be evicted from their home.

“You just do what's needed and what you would want someone to do for your loved one, too,” she says.

Empathy is important in Lynn’s job, and some of her own personal experiences help her in her work. But she makes clear that her job requires teamwork. It’s a collaboration between different hospital departments and community resources to help people in need.

“We just try to make a difference one by one,” she says. “We evaluate what does the person need, what resources are out there. Hopefully, there is something for them that we can try to find that can help meet their needs and give them hope.”

At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means giving people hope when they need it most.

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