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Maternity FAQ's During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

What is UPMC's policy for pregnant and laboring mothers?

We are restricting all visitation or limiting the number of visitors allowed per patient and not allowing visits from children under 18. We are also screening visitors for exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19. We appreciate our visitors cooperation in keeping our patients safe and our staff healthy and lowering their likelihood of exposure to any illness, including COVID-19. We are asking visitors who are ill or have cold symptoms not to visit. Before arriving at the hospital, view updates related to our visitor policy

Can she have the child's father or a support person present for appointments, ultrasounds and delivery?

The laboring mother may have the same one support person for her entire hospital stay in addition to a certified doula. In ambulatory offices, we are restricting all visitors unless the mother needs assistance. While we understand that this may disappoint some families, we appreciate the cooperation of all in ensuring the safety of our patients, staff, and communities during this unprecedented time.

Independent outpatient physician practices may have different polices, and patients should contact their physician for direction.

How soon will she and the baby be discharged?

For vaginal deliveries without complications, mother and baby may be discharged as soon as 24 hours after birth. For cesarean deliveries without complications, mother and baby may be discharged as soon as 48 hours.

Overall, how has the coronavirus changed how pregnancy, labor and delivery are handled in the UPMC system?

We are screening all mothers and their support person prior to coming into the hospital and limiting to one support person in addition to a certified doula. Otherwise, we are supporting the mother with the same level of excellent care that we have always provided.

UPMC in central Pa. is here for you and our providers are ready to see patients virtually. We have convenient video visit options and capabilities for pregnant women. Patients can call their doctor to find out what virtual care options are available.

Would it be safer for pregnant mothers to labor and deliver at home with a midwife during this time?

UPMC in central Pa. is open and safe. Mothers who are planning a hospital birth should continue to plan for their delivery at the hospital and talk to their doctor about any questions or concerns they have.

If a woman goes into labor in the next 8 weeks, will there be a spot for her in the hospital?

All laboring women that come to UPMC to deliver their baby will be accommodated.

Will laboring women be sent to another facility, such as one that might be created for surge capacity?

Our UPMC hospitals operate with the robust ability to adapt to demands by sharing facilities, resources, and expertise across our system. We are carefully and thoughtfully planning to ensure our system can accommodate all patients in the facility best suited to their clinical needs.

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