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Kati's Story

Kati has always been active. “I started ice skating when I was just 10. I was a competitive figure skater and played ice hockey… when I saw my first roller derby and thought ‘Gosh, I need to play this’.”

Roller derby is a high-impact, high-energy sport. Kati had a lot of injuries, the worst being two torn ACLs and a fractured kneecap.

“All of my teammates recommended that I go to UPMC Sports Medicine. They said… that they’d get me skating again.”

Kati’s doctors assured her that she’d be able to play sports again, and they kept their promise. She was back on the track nine months after surgery.

“I put a lot of faith in UPMC and the doctors and nursing staff there, and they really delivered.”

“More than anything, I’m just grateful that the doctors and the nurses at UPMC could make it possible for me to keep doing all the crazy things I love to do and not have to worry about being taken out.”


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