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Wound Care Telemedicine Services

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For patients located outside of Pittsburgh who are in need of wound care, UPMC's Telewound Program brings world-class specialists to their neighborhoods. 

UPMC wound care specialists provide:

  • Real-time evaluations of patients with poorly healing wounds
  • Remote consults to help local physicians treat wounds and reduce patient transfer rates

How Telewound Works

Using store and forward technology, a specialized nurse at the patient's location:

  • Records wound measurements and patient history
  • Uses a digital camera to capture images of the wound
  • Electronically transmits the patient's history and digital images to UPMC wound care specialists in Pittsburgh

A UPMC wound care specialist:

  • Reviews the patient's information and images
  • Develops treatment recommendations to increase wound healing
  • Relays the recommendations to the local providers who makes appropriate changes in the patient’s plan of care

The UPMC Telewound Program is also researching methods of assisting patients with monitoring wounds outside of the hospital.

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