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UPMC Teleconsult Centers​​

UPMC Teleconsult Centers are dedicated outpatient, multi-specialty clinics located across the expanding UPMC network. At these centers, patients are given the ability to have appointments with one of UPMC’s world-class physicians via live, synchronous audio- and video-enabled, HIPAA-secure technology.

UPMC Teleconsult Centers are a new model of patient care and partnership, bringing the support and insights of specialty physicians to your practice or facility. When a specialist is not available, a telehealth consultation brings the expert to your community, saving your patient the time and inconvenience of travel. Our Teleconsult Centers are also a valuable way to offer your patients follow-up care after a procedure, eliminating the need from them to travel to Pittsburgh to see a specialist.

UPMC’s teleconsult services include more than 40 different subspecialty services across both pediatric and adult specialties. UPMC continues to expand these resources to give your patients greater access to clinical specialty services ranging from emergency care and maternal fetal medicine, to pediatrics, radiology and surgery, and more.

How a Telehealth Consultation Works

  • Using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing technology and dedicated onsite resources, UPMC Teleconsult Centers connect patients directly to clinicians.
  • The patient and the clinician can see and hear each other during the consultation. Medical staff at the teleconsult center location can assist the clinician in performing the exam, using digital instruments, in real time.
  • Visits are documented in the patient’s medical record to support continuity of care.
  • Most prescriptions and diagnostic testing can be ordered at the teleconsult center location.

Patients must contact a physician’s office for information regarding available telehealth services; self-referrals are not preferred.

Teleconsult Center Locations 

UPMC Teleconsult Center, UPMC Altoona Station Medical Center
1516 9th Ave.
Altoona, PA 16601
Phone: 814-889-4244

UPMC Teleconsult Center, UPMC Bedford
195 Memorial Drive
Bedford, PA 15537
Phone: 814-623-1846

UPMC Teleconsult Center, UPMC Northwest
100 Fairfield Drive
Seneca, PA 16346
Phone: 814-677-7049