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Maternal-Fetal Medicine Teleservices

Hyagriv N. Simhan, MD, MS
Chief, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Vice Chair, Obstetrical Services

TeleMFM allows a patient to get high-risk consultation with our expert services without physically coming to see us. So it allows a woman to avoid travel and inconvenience and still retain all of the benefits of having expert consultation.

TeleMFM also allows providers to have education through video conferencing so that they can access our expertise again without traveling. Makes it much more convenient for them.

TeleMFM Expert Consultation

With teleMFM, we can provide expert consultation to women with previous complicated pregnancies or with major medical problems herself, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

So using the teleMFM technology we can review records, talk face to face with a woman, we can even review ultrasound images remotely of her fetus without her actually traveling to see us.

So in this way teleMFM allows us to comprehensively evaluate a woman and her fetus and provide recommendations for her and her pregnancy moving forward.

Partners With Providers

Our goal in our teleMFM program is to help local physicians take care of their patients. We want the best health care for women and their infants, and allowing the physicians and other providers in that area is what’s best for these women.

So when we partner with these providers to provide consultative care, we allow women to stay closer to home and retain elements of their care with their own provider with whom they’re comfortable, in a place that’s close to their home.

Our Expertise in Maternal Fetal Medicine

Our expertise in maternal fetal medicine is really across the broad range of complications that occur for women and their babies. We have national, international experts in preterm birth, diabetes in pregnancy, hypertension, as well as expertise in babies with complicated birth defects and a variety of other fetal issues. So that expertise is really concentrated in our departments, and we are able to bring that expertise to a wide geographic area using teleMFM capabilities.

Committed to Women’s Health

Our maternal fetal medicine program at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC has always been committed to women’s health and improving care and outcomes for infants and newborns.

The teleMFM program allows us to take that expertise and that commitment to a much broader range of individuals and a wider geographic area. It allows us to extend the range of care to women who otherwise wouldn’t have access to our care.

For more information, contact us at 412-864-2102.