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UPMC Central PA Weight Management Center

The UPMC Central PA Weight Management Center, located at UPMC Community Osteopathic, is dedicated to helping patients on the path to successful dietary and lifestyle changes. Our customizable programs are medically supervised and supported by health care professionals to help you achieve a healthier you.

Contact Us

  • Phone: 717-231-8221
  • Fax: 717-909-0292

We are located at:

4315 Londonderry Rd.
Harrisburg, PA 17109

Our Lititz location can be found at:

1575 Highlands Dr. Suite 200 Lititz, PA 17543

Our Services

Patient Operating Status

By using a Case ID, (provided in an instructional pamphlet to the person who brought the patient for surgery), family and friends can monitor the status of their loved one throughout his or her surgery or procedure.

To receive the Case ID, please contact the family member or person who brought the patient for surgery. If you have difficulty using remote access, please have your Case ID available and call the hospital.

New Patient Info

 We accept patients with or without a physician referral, however we recommend patients involve their primary care physician. Please contact our office for more information at 717-909-0290.

Information Sessions

We offer group or individual informational sessions. Choose the option that best fits your preference and schedule, call 717-909-0290 to register.

Pre Session Paperwork. Bring your paperwork with you to the session to hand in if you decide you want to take the next steps on your weight loss journey.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, our clinician will review your medical history, discuss your personal weight loss goals and determine which weight loss options best fit your needs. If you are considering surgical intervention, your insurance company may require that you follow a pre-operative, medically supervised weight loss diet/program, prior to approving surgery. The clinical team will work with you to outline surgical requirements and necessary steps.

During your initial consultation we will assess:

  • Overall Weight. Your current weight compared to your weight loss goal will help determine a healthy program for you.
  • Full Medical and Diet History. We will take into account any past dietary successes and failures.
  • Family Medical History. Anything that might be a possible health risk to you in the future will help determine a safe diet and fitness program.
  • Potential Barriers to Weight Loss Success. Medical, psychological and lifestyle problems can all hinder a successful weight loss program if not taken into account.

Preparing For Your Consultation

You will receive forms requesting information regarding your medical and diet histories and past efforts at weight loss, and insurance specifics. These must be completed and returned to us before your initial consultation can be scheduled.

This information includes:

The name and contact information of your primary care physician. If you do not have one the clinical team will recommend one.

  • A list of all the diets you have tried (a diet history).
  • Any pertinent medical data including reports of special tests (echocardiogram, sleep study, etc.) or hospital discharge summary if you have been in the hospital.
  • A list of your medications with dose and schedule.
  • Your insurance information and insurance card. Learn more about insurance for medical weight loss.

To make the most of your first visit, we ask that you send us the necessary information about your medical history and your insurance benefits one week prior to your appointment.

Forms And Questionnaires

Print and complete the forms for your first appointment

The patient questionnaire should be completed and sent to or dropped off at the office prior to your first appointment.

Why Choose UPMC for Bariatric Surgery

Proven Experience. Since 1998, UPMC's surgeons have completed more than 5,000 bariatric procedures. Our program is characterized by its very low infection and complication rates and excellent results. See the full list of our awards and recognitions.

Need More Information?

Phone: 717-909-0290

Request information.

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