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Neonatology Rotation

Before Your Rotation Begins

1. Provide the items below at least one month before the rotation begins:

2. If you are staying in student housing, review the housing information carefully

Day One of Your Rotation

Parking Information 

When you arrive at UPMC Hamot for your rotation, convenient fee-based parking is available in the public parking garage located at the corner of Third and State Streets (entrance on Third Street).  As an alternative, the Intermodal Center, located at 208 E Bayfront Parkway, offers free parking and is a short walk to UPMC Hamot. 

Please review the campus map to help guide you.

There are administrative tasks you must complete prior to starting your rotation:

1. Acquire your Hamot badge and parking permit

  • Report to UPMC Hamot Human Resources at 8:30 a.m. to retrieve your badge and parking permit.  Human Resources is located at 300 State Street, Suite 100.
  • Your Hamot badge is for hospital door access only; you must wear your school student ID badge at all times while working
  • After acquiring and applying a parking decal, student vehicles can be moved to the student-designated parking lot.
2. If you are using UPMC Hamot student housing, report to Annmarie Kutz in Medical Education to submit a signed housing form and $10 deposit check. 
  • Medical Education is located in the Modern Tool Building, 333 State Street, Suite 206

3. Complete Power Note training

  • Go to the medical library, located on the Ground Floor of the hospital (North Complex)
  • Sign on using the username and password that were emailed to you

4. Once these tasks are completed, report for your rotation:

  • Report to the Magee-Women's, UPMC Hamot hospital.  Present yourself as a medical student beginning rotation in the NICU to the Security Desk.

Helpful Tips & Information

Student Lounge

There is a lounge for medical students located in the sub-basement.  Lockers are available to students for storing their belongings.  It is recommended students bring a lock with them if interested in using the lockers.  The lounge also has a computer with network access, a printer, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a call room.  To reach the lounge, take the North Complex elevators to the sub-basement level.  Go left and walk until you reach the T.  Turn left, walk down the hall and the student lounge is on the left.  The lounge is badge access only.

Badge Access

The badge issued to you by Human Resources will allow you to enter the Emergency Room, Student Lounge, and the Magee-Womens UPMC Hamot Hospital.  Please allow 24-36 hours for badge access to be activated.  Contact Annmarie Kutz if you do not have badge access after that time.

Dining on Campus

  • UPMC Hamot Dining Room
    • Located on the ground floor in the North Complex of the hospital
    • Great views of Presque Isle Bay
    • Open for breakfast and lunch (6:30am to 2pm)
  • Lobby Café
    • Located in the main lobby of the hospital
    • Open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 7:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am to 6:30pm
  • Kern's Café
    • Located in the lobby of the Magee-Women's, UPMC Hamot Hospital.
    • Open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 7:00pm

There are many great dining options near UPMC Hamot campus, some of which are listed here. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by UPMC Hamot.


The medical library is located on the Ground Floor in the North Complex of the main hospital.  Turn right off the North Complex elevators, and the library is down the hall on the right.  Follow the signs.  The library has computers available to use.  Any library-related questions can be directed to the library manager Diane Voelker at

Corridor to the Women's Hospital

There is a corridor that connects the main hospital and the Magee-Women's UPMC Hamot Hospital.  From the main hospital, take the North Complex elevators to Ground.  Go right and follow the hallway, past the Medical Library and Faces of Women walkway, until you reach the elevators.  Take the elevators to the 1st floor.  Exit the elevators and head down the hall to the left.  You will enter the main lobby of the Women's Hospital at the end of the hall.

End-of-Rotation Departure Meeting

At the end of your rotation, you must meet with Annmarie Kutz to discuss the process for check out.  To schedule your departure meeting, send an email to Annmarie so she knows when to expect you. This meeting takes approximately five to ten minutes. It is ideal to conduct the meeting when your rotation has concluded.  If this is not possible due to your shift schedule, please arrange to meet on an earlier date during the last week of your rotation.

Items to Bring with You:

  1. The Evaluation of UPMC Hamot rotation to provide feedback about your rotation experience*
  2. The Medical student departure form with top section completed
  3. Your school's evaluation form completed by the preceptor, if possible 
  4. Your Hamot badge
  5. Housing Keys, if applicable

It is expected that any resources borrowed from the UPMC Hamot library will have been returned prior to the departure meeting. If students are unable to attend a departure meeting, they must notify Annmarie Kutz in advance and make arrangements to appropriately return the items above.  Textbooks and laptops should always be returned to the Graduate Medical Education office - no exceptions. Housing keys may be returned to UPMC Hamot Security, located in the sub-basement of the hospital.

*Your honest and constructive feedback on the rotation experience evaluation form is highly valued and will be used to make improvements to our student rotation experiences.  These evaluation forms are held until there are at least 5 or 6 per specialty, then they are sent to the rotation preceptor as a batch.  This aggregate format ensures your anonymity.

Where & When

Annmarie is available from 7:30am to 3:45pm Monday through Friday.  Medical Education is located in the Modern Tool Building, 333 State St., Suite 206

Additional Information

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