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Physician Assistant Students

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All Physician Assistant Student Rotations

  • ID badge: Wear your school ID badge throughout your training, unless you are instructed to obtain a UPMC Hamot ID badge. 
  • Computer access: If this is your first rotation with UPMC, you will receive a UPMC user name and password for computer network access.  If you have rotated with any UPMC hospital prior to this rotation, the logon issued to you at that time should still be in effect. If you are in need of any related assistance, contact Kerry Soso at​.
  • Parking: It is recommended that you park at the Intermodal Center parking lot at the corner of Holland Street and the Bayfront Parkway. From there, you can either walk to campus or use the EMTA trolley service. Please understand that we are unable to provide you with parking privileges in UPMC Hamot employee lots due to limited availability.

Physician Assistant: Emergency Medicine Rotations Only

  • Shift schedules are emailed to students upon the schedule’s release. Report directly to the emergency department’s main entrance and go through security. At the front desk, ask for the PA working that day.
  • Students are expected to wear scrubs and should plan to provide their own.
  • Students are expected to attend emergency medicine resident’s weekly lectures Wednesday mornings at 7 a.m. as appropriate to PA training. The monthly lecture schedule will be sent to you upon its release. Before attending a lecture, review the schedule for relevancy (some lectures will be more relevant to the emergency medicine residency program). When you arrive at a lecture for the first time, check in with the chief resident and introduce yourself.

Physician Assistant : Surgical Rotations Only

  •  Contact Liz Bugbee at​ prior to the first day of your rotation to schedule a scrub orientation.