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Visiting Residents

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If you are interested in scheduling a rotation at UPMC Hamot, please contact Annmarie Kutz at The request will be reviewed, acceptance of the rotation will be confirmed by the attending physician, and then you or your program will be contacted regarding the status. Please be aware that requests should be submitted at least two months prior to the requested rotation start date. If you have further questions, call 814-877-4180.

Your Rotation is Approved. What’s Next?

No later than two weeks before the rotation begins, the visiting resident or the resident’s sponsoring institution must provide the items below to Annmarie Kutz:

  • Rotation letter from your sponsoring institution
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of training license and NPI confirmation
  • Certificate of liability insurance
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • Verification of HIPPA/standard precautions and CPR
  • Flu shot verification record
  • Updated health and immunization records and provide:
    • Blood work verifying immunity to varicella, rubella, rubeola and mumps.
    • Results of a Mantoux PPD test for tuberculosis within the current year (or two tests within 30 days of each other if a Mantoux test has never been done or if it was not done the previous year).
    • Proof of a Tdap vaccination (after 20050 with the Adacel vaccine.
  • Pennsylvania State Clearances — all clearances must have been obtained within the last three years
    • Act 33 clearance (Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Childline Clearance)
    • Act 34 clearance (Pennsylvania State Criminal History Record)
    • Act 73 clearance (Federal Criminal Background Check) **When applying for this clearance, be sure to process your request through The Department of Public Welfare, not the Department of Education
  • Identity Management System (IMS) For Non-Employees
  • UPMC Confidentiality Agreement for Third Party Employees Accessing UPMC Information Systems
  • Application for temporary student parking permit/decal

If working on an inpatient rotation please complete the eRecord tutorial here.

Visiting Resident Housing

Limited housing is available for residents from out of town. Learn more about student housing.


Prior to receiving aparking permit, convenient parking is available at the resident's own expense in the public parking garage at Third and State streets (entrance on Third Street). As an alternative, the Intermodal Center has free parking and is located at the foot of Holland Street, off the Bayfront Parkway and is a short walk to UPMC Hamot.

Additional Information

Concluding Your Rotation

Residents should report to Annmarie Kutz in Medical Education by 3 p.m. on the final day of their rotation to fulfill administrative tasks. It is expected that any resources borrowed from the UPMC Hamot library will have been returned prior to this meeting.

Residents should come prepared to submit a completed departure form for review (see form below). All residents will return their identification badges. As applicable, residents will also return housing keys, textbooks, and laptop computers.

If residents are unable to meet the 3 p.m. deadline, departure items as described above are to be returned to UPMC Hamot Security, located in the sub-basement. Inform Annmarie Kutz accordingly.

In Annmarie Kutz's absence, Bill D’Andrea is available to assist residents.