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Artist: Susan Narduli


Susan Narduli’s artwork is inspired by synesthesia, a person experiencing one sense through another. Sounds in the West Atrium generate images on the LED light panels and offer new experiences for patients, caregivers, and staff with each visit.

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Meet the Artist

Learn more about the artist Susan Narduli.Susan Narduli works at the intersection of art, architecture, and technology. Trained as both an artist and an architect, she founded her Los Angeles studio to bridge professional disciplines and expand upon preconceptions of technology, aesthetics, and expression.

Narduli has completed commissions in public art, public spaces, architecture, virtual environments, interactive experiences, museum installations, light and sound environments, and landscapes. Prior to starting her firm, Narduli was a project designer for architect and designer Frank Gehry.

Her background includes: 

  • Immersive video and sound experience, States of Matter (2022), MAD Arts, Broward County, Florida. Creative Communication Best of Best Award, Grand Prix International Gold Award. 
  • Public artwork Virtual Sky, Oklahoma City Convention Center, Okla. (2021). Grand Prix International Platinum Award and Grand Prix Winner, MUSE Design Gold Award, Rethinking the Future First Award, and International Design Silver Award. 
  • Virtual reality environment Hirshhorn X GENESIS (2021). MUSE Creative Gold Award
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