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VITAL by Adam Frank

Artwork Location: Level 2 Reception Area

Visitors to level two are greeted by VITAL, an image of a tree, the universal symbol of health and life. Adam Frank’s kinetic artwork features a projection that simulates sunlight shining through leaves and branches as they appear to sway in the breeze. This unique ‘living image’ hints at the promise of vitality and growth. Enjoying the movement of this slowly moving artwork removes some of the stress people may feel as they wait for appointments.

This video shows the illusion of the moving leaves created with the projection. 

“To make this piece I invented a new technique by combining a mural and a projection. What happens in your eye is that the light from the projection and the ambient light that’s bouncing off the mural mixes, so you don’t know what’s what.  We wouldn’t be here without trees; they are vital for cities and are an icon representing a universal symbol for life.”  - Adam Frank

The artist meeting with providers and staff who will work on the second floor.

The facility’s opening reception in April 2023. 

Adam Frank, VITAL, 2023