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Aaron Spang

A man swings a golf club.

In 2021, Aaron Spang had an extremely rare type of stroke that resulted in blindness. He underwent two brain surgeries, as well as surgery on his optic nerves to save some sight.

While his life changed permanently due to low vision, he's grateful for the sight he does have – and of course, to be alive. Aaron is also grateful that he can hear music, as his wife and two daughters are musicians.

“Silver linings in times of crisis are there,” Aaron says. “And my golf game? Well, now I don’t have to see how bad my shots are.”

Aaron recommends Seeing AI, an app similar to the spoken content accessibility setting on an iPhone, can read anything aloud that is within the view of a smartphone camera.  


A man holding his glasses and staring straight ahead. A sketch of a man swinging his golf club.  


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