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LaTisha Willis

LaTisha Willis stands in front of her grey car.

Growing up with Albinism, many people in LaTisha Willis’s life didn’t understand what her condition was. LaTisha is African American, but looks Caucasian, as Albinism affects the hair, skin, and eye pigments. In many cases, people with Albinism are legally blind, and LaTisha’s ophthalmologist originally told her she would never be able to drive.

Working with a low vision specialist, LaTisha was able to get special lenses to help her vision, and help from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to pay for glasses, contact lenses, low vision devices, and driving instruction. She got her license at age 45 and now runs her own nonprofit organization, presenting anti-bullying workshops.

LaTisha tries to empower people to face their challenges every day.

Some of her most valuable resources include:

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