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Monica Albert Still

Monica Albert Sill, seated in a wheelchair, checks a patient’s heartbeat.

Monica Albert Still was born before laws protecting people with disabilities existed. Infants with spina bifida were assumed to have no quality of life, and Monica was sent home from the hospital just following her birth with an open spine.

“My life wasn’t seen as worth living,” Monica says, “And I advocated for myself by not dying.”

Monica feels she overcame the ableism of society, not her disability – though she’s not looking for praise or to be an inspiration. She leads an ordinary life, with good quality of life.

“Being disabled is a different thread in a tapestry of human existence,” she says. “I am human. I am proud to be serving my community as a nurse in the adult Spina Bifida clinic at UPMC Mercy.”

Monica’s most valuable resources include:

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